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STAR of Coastal Georgia is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to educate and empower members in our coastal community with the foundational skills they need to thrive personally and professionally.  We believe that our training programs enhance the overall stability of our students and their families, as well as improve the quality of our local workforce.  Our student motto is HOPE, BELIEVE, GROW, SUCCEED.

We offer a variety of courses to adults and young adults, from more comprehensive training programs to shorter workshops.  See below for a current snapshot view of our classes, and please visit our Programs page for more details and to inquire directly.

Inspiring Transformational Change Since 1997

Courses We Offer

STAR's Employment Readiness Program (ERP) is a comprehensive, 4-week instructional course that incorporates multiple aspects of job readiness, including computer software skills, career searching and development, financial basics, and life/family management.  Adults of all ages are welcome to apply.  Classes take place at the STAR offices in downtown historic Brunswick 2 mornings/week for 4 weeks.  Click Here to learn more.

In addition to our main ERP program, we offer the following shorter focus workshops:

Computer Skills

Girl in Modern Workspace

Financial Literacy

Couple Window Shopping

Career "Bootcamp"

Job Interview
STAR is a perfect example of teaching folks how to fish - a much more meaningful gift than giving them a fish!

Dianne Hiltman,


I support STAR because the organization is extremely well run, uses donations effectively and efficiently, and aligns with my belief in personal responsibility.

Brendan Bowen, Sea Island

STAR Board Member

STAR creates a sense of purpose, value and community among its participants.  STAR adds tremendously to our workforce productivity and quality, while transforming lives and families.

Julie Martin,

City Commissioner of Brunswick

STAR is a tremendous organization...I especially love the attention they give their students around budgeting and money management to ensure that the wages they make will be managed well.

Mark Stovall,

SunTrust Bank